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SixthUp, a US-based consulting firm that provides cloud services, emerging tech, and digital transformation solutions announced the launch of its 4-minute quick cloud maturity survey for organizations across industries. 

The survey will help CIOs, CSOs, and cloud architects to evaluate their cloud maturity as it relates to their peers. Respondents will receive the personalized report benchmarking their organization’s cloud maturity with their peers and can benefit from detailed guidance tailored to their organization’s business needs. In addition to that, SixthUp is also providing the respondents with free Hydro Flask Water Bottles* as a thank you for completing the survey. 

SixthUp recommends its M & G Lens to organizations looking for a detailed audit of their cloud maturity, which is a discovery-based accelerator that helps assess Cloud Management and Governance capabilities and provides tailored recommendations to ensure that an organization’s cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, and cost-effective. 

Chris Whitehead, Cloud expert at SixthUp says, “Cloud governance is an iterative process. As the cloud estate changes over time, so do cloud governance processes and policies. SixthUp survey helps CIOs, CSOs, and Cloud architects to evaluate their cloud maturity enabling them to get ahead of their adoption plan and prevent risks.”

Ashish Choudhary, CEO – SixthUp, states that “Cloud strategy is engaged by 74% of business leaders and is seen as an engine of growth and innovation.  However, 53% of companies fail to realize substantial value from their cloud investment due to the lack of a proper evaluation or benchmark. Security, compliance, architecture, manageability, service levels, support, and cost are principal parameters to consider when assessing your cloud management and governance capabilities. SixthUp cloud experts have created this survey to help organizations identify gaps and thereby enable them to focus on accelerating their digital transformation journey.”

SixthUp’s suite of offerings includes cloud, data, analytics, AI and machine learning, web application development, and automation services backed by accelerators for digital transformation, data analytics, and insights.

Start SixthUp 2021 Cloud Maturity Benchmark Survey here

*Hydro Flask bottles can only be shipped within the United States.

About SixthUp

SixthUp is a technology consulting firm that provides emerging tech, Cloud, and Digital services to fuel our client’s business growth. Their approach eliminates risk, accelerates their client’s time to market, and enables them to reap the true reward of embracing the tech. SixthUp represents Dynamic Technologies group, which has been providing technology and software solutions for more than two decades to organizations across industries in the US, Europe, and Africa.

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