Leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions on risk coverage, utilization, and spend.

Key Benefits

Better ROI on care management programs

Optimize your provider's network.

Accurately track and monitor members with high risk and engage them in early preventive care.

Predict the cost of care by monitoring medication cost and utilization patterns of members with chronic conditions.

Forecast financial resources based on members’ risk by identifying future high cost/high need members.

Create a single source of truth between internal stakeholders, vendors, and health solutions.

Key Features

Create and analyze member cohorts and dig deeper into the health data.
Predictive analytics to help identify members’ risk factors that may contribute to hospitalization and high costs of care.
Track and compare performance of various benefit plans using claims, enrollment and utilization analysis.
Identify care gaps to better manage chronic conditions.
Automated data ingestion pipeline using FHIR standards.
Custom interactive reports and dashboards to build scenarios and see possible outcomes.

Uncover high cost/high need members and optimize
your population healthcare spends

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