Why South Africa as an offshore location with SixthUp?



SixthUp has delivered up to 35% savings to our clients


Time Zone

Resources available to work until 1 PM CT


English Speaking Nation

Neutral accent and a common first language


Cultural Fit

Collaborative, results-oriented culture, with cultural affinity with the USA


Resource Availability

The biggest software development resource pool in Africa and 23 years of brand presence help attract exceptional talent


Strong Enforcement System

A legal system that has strong privacy and intellectual property rights


Resource Quality

Broad capabilities and higher quality than other traditional offshoring



Well-established Delivery infrastructure available in main cities of South Africa. 24 X 7 helpdesk. Established technology brand to attract talent in South Africa

Real people. Real stories

Phokwane Malebye
South Africa Team

Did you know if a competitor used 20% better talent in similar efforts, it would beat you to market even if they started a year or two later?

We can provide deep expertise in a particular skill or technology and allocate a single team member or set up a dedicated team according to your requirements.

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