Customer Digital Journey Transformation Services.

The services will help organizations to create an Analytics-driven positive impact on their Customer’s Lifetime Value

CALIFORNIA, USA, 27 April 2022 — SixthUp, a US-based consulting firm that provides cloud services, emerging tech, and digital services and solutions across a range of industries, announced the launch of its Customer Digital Journey Transformation Services.

Organizations can now leverage our 1Data platform in strategic partnership with Sincera Technologies combined with our proprietary D3 Accelerator to impact key customer journey KPIs

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Average Transaction Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • Customer Retention.

As a launch offer, SixthUp is providing a complimentary ‘Outside-In Analysis of the digital asset’ of your organization. Submit your digital property here and SixthUp experts will get back with their recommendations.

“Today’s customers are digital, unpredictable, and easy to lose. Therefore it is pertinent for organizations to prioritize their brand’s digital experience. Today, most companies are rich in data volume, but only 23% of executives rate their organization as ‘very strong’ in their speed of gaining accurate insights. Organizations also strive to have a ‘single source of truth’, not a bunch of disparate data sources. 1Data platform and D3 Accelerator help organizations improve and personalize the customer journey at every stage, improving conversion, and ultimately growing the bottom line. We enable organizations to Benchmark, Evaluate, Uplift, and Repeat.”

Ashish Choudhary – CEO, SixthUp

SixthUp’s suite of offerings includes cloud, data, digital, analytics, AI and machine learning, and web application development backed by accelerators for digital journey transformation, data analytics, and insights.