It was my usual Wednesday afternoon off work as I was scouring the internet for possible opportunities, that could free me from the chokehold of the retail industry I came across the Dynamic DNA leadership opportunity posted as an advert on the social media platform, Facebook.

I quickly applied, not thinking much of it, not knowing that applying would change my life forever. I was extremely excited when I received an email inviting me to an interview and after a rigorous selection process, I was selected to participate as a learner in the Systems Development NQF level 4 Learnership. This on-site training and mentoring program is sponsored by SixthUp in partnership with Dynamic DNA.

On the first day at the Dynamic DNA Learnership Academy, we were exposed to and given insight into the in-depth curriculum which included mentorship sessions and certifications. Furthermore, we were introduced to the amazing team, which had a very distinct and supportive culture, and dedicated facilitators, who are in fact subject matter experts.

As the months flew by, I was challenged by various tasks on a daily basis which honed my analytical, problem-solving, development, and presentation skills. As well as the ability to deliver tasks in high-pressure environments. All these skills were homed in the classroom as well in mentorship sessions conducted by industry experts who would visit the academy.

After a rigorous selection process, I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the Systems Development Level 5 learnership at the academy. And during the first few months of the learnership I was presented with the opportunity by SixthUp, to write a Microsoft Certification which then led to me being shortlisted as a candidate for Software Testing Internship.

I was successful in the interview and secured the position as a software testing intern at SixthUp.

And finally, my dream had come true, I was able to learn directly from industry experts with the most incredible minds as well as participate in projects and as an intern tester. It was amazing – equally challenging, and fun! An absolute dream.

Phokwane Malebye

At the end of the internship, I was taken on as a full-time Software tester at SixthUp. I worked on a number of different exciting projects and interacted with clients from across the globe for just over 2 years and moved on to the next challenge and opportunity.

Phokwane Malebye took charge of her own career and ultimately her life. And that’s exactly what SixthUp aimed for. We play a crucial role in empowering South African graduates to become tomorrow’s technology leaders while delivering quality and value to our clients. Leverage our South Africa Strategic Advantage to Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey.